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Post by Ratje on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:23 am

First and foremost, since this run is entirely in New Kolvir, it's also entirely CPK, so don't wear anything you aren't willing to lose.

There are two ways to kill Lord Alymar, with 241 flash bombs and without. Killing him with them is much easier, so if you can get them, do it.
Here are some places they pop:
-Wallin, the bell repairer in the Church of Acceptance in New Kolvir
-Alchemists in Templeton Castle
-Fey Monks in Templeton Catacombs
-Lakaros, who is right before Lord Alymar
-Automatons in Vesuvius drop 230 flash bombs, which work nearly as well.
If you want to kill him without much trouble, you should have at least 3 bombs, preferably more.
Just to note, he IS killable without flashes, it's just more tedious.

From the entrance to New Kolvir, with pass door on, go all east, all north, up, and south. From here, you'll see a three-way fork, southwest, south, and southeast. The southeast path is by far the easiest, with no dizzies and only one silent room. The others feature nomagic and dizzy rooms. However, scan before you move. If there are two or more mobs southeast, you're going to want to get a calm mix or go a different direction. After the first room southeast, however, you can just calm your way through. Remember you can cure light in a silent room.

After going southeast, all south, southwest, move south into Lakaros' room. He carries a wooden pestle, the key for Alymar's room, and spawns 241 bombs. Dispel him fully, web him first, then kill him.
Note: Once you kill Lakaros, the exit north will close until repop, barring anyone from entering and providing some security.

Go southeast, southwest, then unlock north. You'll see Lord Alymar and General Kahlir waiting. They both cast highly offensive magic, including web, silence, and both bolts. Go north and dispel and spell up both of them, be sure to curse if you have it.
A few notes before the actual combat:
-General Kahlir will sometimes agro you, and sometimes he won't. Keep this in mind throughout the whole battle.
-Kahlir also has a strange script, where you see the flee string, but he will ALWAYS end up back in the the throne room, so don't bother trying to keep him out.
-Remember to keep an eye on where if it isn't shift time.
-Alymar is resistant to weapon, bash, fire, holy, silver, and paralysis, so choose your weapon wisely.

Now, there's two possibliities.
A. With flash bombs:
Once they're both dispelled and cursed, throw a flash bomb and hope. If it gets blinds both of them, attack Alymar quickly and do as much damage as possible. If it doesn't throw your remaining bombs until they are both blind. Once they unblind, flee south, return, and repeat. Hopefully they'll die before you run out of bombs, if you do run out of bombs, move onto option B.

B. Without flash bombs:
Once they're spelled up, you're pretty much going to just damage/flee Alymar. Timing is everything in this, because if you flee and come back too quickly, you could catch them finishing off web, and be in trouble. You want to go in and either just bash/cast and then flee. Repeat this until Alymar dies, making sure he stays spelled up. Once you're done, go two south from the throne room through a hidden wall, you can recall/gohall from here.

Lord Alymar drops:
Heaven's Wrath, 240 flail which is dispelling and does holy wrath damage.
The royal robe of Lord Alymar, 240 cpk proof armor worn about the body with pass door and +~50 hp.
The crown of Lord Alymar, a 240 head armor with sense life and +wisdom, personality, and courage, along with -2 armor.
A dragon tear necklace, a 240 necklace with 7-9 damage, resistance to silver, and sanctuary.

General Kahlir drops:
The axe of guardianship, a 238 one-handed flaming axe, with -2 sanity, wisdom, vitality, and knowledge, it also casts blindness on the wearer.

All of these items expire in a month.

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