Kyuss (mark of miracles)

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Kyuss (mark of miracles) Empty Kyuss (mark of miracles)

Post by Ratje on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:33 am

Obtain an iron slug.(requires 3 people)
1 person at toa in the mining shaft idling in room with miner. one person in the last room of temp mag office. and third in underground at coords 1619, 540.
Obtain an amethyst gemstone.
Journey to shadow castle and find a son of kyuss.(make sure its wearing the pendant) Charm it so it joins your form. Equip the amethyst gemstone. it will teleport the form leader and son to fgk. the rest will have to run there.
Take it all the way to the throne room. It will trigger the king. once kyuss is summoned go to the hidden cpk. (west of throne room, need detect illusion) and put the iron slug in the slug thrower and launch it. Run back out and pick up your loot.
He drops the manual for miracles, snowflake, and a staff for morose spectre.

(the wand and snowflake are items for morose spectre)

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