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Manticore - Sigil
Goals are to collect all the orbs of excavation used to get to manticore. The orbs are vanish-death so it is wise and highly suggested to do the hardest first.

1.Kill the Hill Dwarf near the south entrance in the level Restricted NPK are. He hits extremely! hard and highly advised not to go any more than 1 or 2 rounds without fleeing. Carries throwing-spears and uses them to emote attack you each time he picks them up for high damage. The hill dwarf once dead will drop the dirtiest orb of excavation.
2.Kill the "A hulking Frogocerous" in the Sigil river past the waterfall. The room is dark when your next to it. The mob is nowhere near as tough as the hill dwarf but is still dangerous. Doesnt cast at all but does have an emote attack that sucks almost all your sp almost instantly. This mob drops the dirty orb of Excavation.
3.The final and easiest of the 3 mobs with the orbs is Baron Pileus. He's located in the (off memory) in the second mirror in Illandrama. Pileus's room is no-form and the Baron himself throws a wide variety of bombs which is annoying at the most. For any decent fourthclasser he is doable and at the end of the fight he will drop "an even dirtier orb of excavation."

go to W/N nonpk room in forest (Path Through an Ancient Grove) & search/dig for D
go D (NPK) & bury orb, opens 2nd D
go D (CPK) & bury orb, opens 3rd D
go D (CPK) to manticore
on repop area will close, finish within 45min

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