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Post by Ratje on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:38 am

Abacax - Xaventry, Shadow Castle
Obtain a lucid dream from the ancient red dragon in avarice.
Go to xaventry and go into the dira temple. kill the golem for the obsideon key and go to the se corner and unlock the north. go north up west and all north. unlock north if locked and go north and wait for the teleport. once teleported, equip the lucid dream and go down into the NPK deathtrap. Wait till your teleported.(make sure you extinguish the dream or it will disapear and you will die) Mobs may or may not come which will aggro you. kill them and continue to wait. some rooms are spooky so rest when your not in combat. a portal will appear, enter it. A teleporting room will appear north of you which is as slow as the new rigel canal so be patient. keep going north until you get above shadow castle. spell up and have fun looting yourself Smile

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