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Post by Ratje on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:15 am

Well, this would have to be one of the most requested guides I can think of, and since I don't play MM anymore, this will have to be strictly off my memory... Now you can all see how much it sucks. Wink

This run will require a form of at least 3 archons to be safe and someone who can nexus or summon. I also recommend taking a psionic to allow you to plague the mobs.

We'll start off at the recall to seahag, from here dispel the area if you can and go north all west, south, west, kill all the sailors in this area and grab an iron coin. (Note: these can be stolen from the sailors if one already has one and you can peek it.)

Now that you have a coin return to recall and go 2north west all north until east, 2east, north, east, open the east door and go into the green house. Remove all flaming and frosting weapons and any other items that cast these spells. Be invisible to prevent them poisoning you and kill the plants. Once you get a pollen from them, hide the coin somewhere so it doesn't get removed from you if you die. Exit the NPK garden area and you should be back on the path. Go north and pick the doors to gain access to the tower. Once the door is picked, open it, go 2 north open west, west, open west and west. Search for the key and pick it up. If there's no key wait for repop and search and get it then.

Once you obtain a key go 2east, south, 2east and unlock the northwest door. Go northwest, you'll have to dismount here if you're mounted or anyone in your form is, down, south, 2 east, and dig. This will reveal a passage down, this leads into cpk so make sure no one is around. Go all down, you'll also need to do this in lots of 2 to get through the private rooms, and regroup at the bottom of the stairs. Follow the passage, east, north, east, (South is a death trap) southeast, and south until you get out of cpk. Heal up here as the fight part of the main fighting begins. Go onto the chess board and scan for the black queen, once you find her there's two good ways to kill her. First of all make sure you cast as many affecting spells on her as possible, such as faerie fire, weaken, curse and slow if possible. This will make her dispel herself including haste and sanctuary and make the fight alot easier from there, a psionic would be very handy to plague her. Once you've dispelled her you have two choices on the best ways to beat her, once is to get wizards to enervate her the whole time. This will stop her casting all spells including annihilation and momentary darkness when she gets low or you can antimagic the room. This still allows annihilation but prevents everything else. You should flee, cast calm or smoke bomb the room if you see the queen begin to glow as she's about to cast annihilation and anyone fighting her will be killed instantly.

Once you defeat the queen, you'll get an iron key from her, make sure you hold onto this. Now you need to look for the white king, this is a pretty easy match, just weaken, faerie fire, psi plague, and slow if possible to weaken his attacks. All you really need to do is heal everytime you begin getting low. He has alot of hp but casts nothing, his attacks are hard if he doesn't have a weapon. You'll obtain a second iron key from him once you kill him.

Now comes a moderately tricky part, this involves cpk, nomagic and an ethereal mob. Equip your strongest form member with full armor and potions, try to give him/her a smoke bomb too if you have one. Go to the far east of the board and in the middle on the black square search. This will reveal a door to the east, unlock it with one of the keys and send the person going to fight the etheral mob in first, 2 east. Once they're in have 2 people go 1 east and block the entrance to prevent anyone cpking the person. Then have the person going to fight unlock the next gate and go in and fight. Keep killing the guardian until you obtain a blue seashell from it.
(Note: The ethereal mobs gives around 33 AP so it's a pretty good leveling mob for Archons.)

You can leave the chess board once you have the shell, make sure you're careful no one cpks you while you're getting out of this area. Recall to the top from the board (or walk if you have no way to recall). Goto where you hid the iron coin and pick it up, 2east from north of recall and magic unlock the door to the professor's place. Give him the coin and pollen and he'll give you an iron ward. Give the ward to a non-faerie that can summon or nexus and send them up the tower. When they're at the base of the stairs, they need to wear the ward and go up until the see an east. Open the door and go in. Everyone else in your formation needs to go outside of seahag to the docks on the western side. Have them nexus or summon everyone up from there. Make sure you close the nexus behind you to prevent unwelcomed visitors.

Once your form is up and ready, go west and south until you see baby chimeras, find one with a silver pick in it's inventory and kill it. These can be blinded and aren't really much of a fight. If the chimera has an egg in it's inventory, set autoloot off and manually take the pick out. The mother chimera, which is all south, is where the baby chimeras come from. She lays eggs and they hatch from them. If you want to kill the mother chimera she gives a small amount of AP but paraylzes and is a little hard. With tormus I found her alot easier.

Go all north after you get a pick and east. Press to lever until it's OPENED and go west then up the stairs until you see another south. In here is where most of the run takes place. First go 2 south, open east and go in. Give the cello the silver pick and it will drop another shell. Pick the shell up and go west, open west, west, then south. A mirror is in this room that will begin talking to you, it will give you 4 riddles one after another. The answers are: 1. E, 2. Shoe, 3. R and 4. Shadow. This will give you the final shell needed to get to Revella. Uncurse all the shells in your inventory and find the altar colors that corrispond with the shells. Place the shells in the bowls. Once this is done you can head further up the tower towards Revella. Kill the hands before her door and get the key from them, this can sometimes take a few repops before you get one and is a pain in the ass. The room with the hands is a no-mob room so it's great for waiting for repops if you're comfortable sitting in cpk and don't want hunters.

Tell your formation to go done once you get a key from a hand and have the fastest member unlock the door to Ravella's tower. Have them look up, and be careful, if she's not up continue up and find what room she's in by using look . Once you find her, parse ; flee and get out of the tower. This must be done within like 4 seconds or she will annihilate you. If this happens just have someone summon you back up and loot yourself once she moves. This timer resets every 30minutes, so you have that long to kill her before you have to stop fleeing. Once you kill Ravella she'll die leaving a corpse that explodes. So loot everything you can cast, if she has a pearl ring, turn autoloot off as these things are annoying and hard to get rid of. If you obtain a bronze key from hey you can go fight Damryn, the mob with the real seashell equipment.

To get to Damryn from Ravella's tower, go down until the first south, south, east and then he's through the locked door south. Also, it's strongly recommended that you go west insted of east, then south by magic unlocking the door. Torums is in this room, he sometimes has the no requirement seashell axe and will join your formation to help you. Then go north all east and into Damryn's room. Damryn is in no-magic and hits very hard. It's easy for people to get CPKed here unless you're careful. You can lock the north door and just keep fleeing south from him. This will stop people cpking you, but without wards to stop hunters, they can attack while you flee to heal. The way I killed Damryn was with 2 people alternating the tanking by fleeing and healing after each other with Tormus doing damage and throwing bombs. Other people let Tormus tank Damryn, then flee and bring him out, and heal him repeating this. Using 2 people to alternate tanking is faster and easier, but more risky if you don't have good tanks. Damryn also rewards the mark of Perserverence to anyone hero level or above that get the final blow.

There are two portals to help you out of the lockable areas on Seahag, one is in Ravella's tower and the other is south of Damryn. While it's safer to lock yourself in these areas to prevent other people cpking you, it's much more risky against the mobs this way. Both of these portals lead to the recall of the area.

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