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Post by Ratje on Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:08 pm

> This run will start at the Towne Square of Xaventry. It will be completely off my memory like the seahag guide since I can't check anything. I recommend at least a form of 3 for this with a bard. If you have a good psionic to tank with crystals it will be alot easier.

From towne square, go east south until east and east into the Temple of Vandyne. Go east until southeast and head up, then southwest north and up. You'll need to levitate here. Search and go up through the door. From here go northeast, dispel the room and go west. Just wait to be teleported. This is probably the most frustrating part of the run. You need to make it to the far east side, but there's no way to mark the rooms or dispel them and they're all dizzy. The rooms are vanish-items so don't bother trying to drop anything. Just spam alot and scan every time you move rooms to see if you're at the end. When you are at the end you'll only be able to see nothing in the west direction. Just wait here a couple of seconds and you'll be teleported upto the Vandyne Priestess. She's 2 southeast and in a magic room, all the rooms around her are nomagic except for northwest, northeast, north. She's not really hard and just casts priest spells. It's hard but possible to dispel her then curse and weaken her. Just attack and healing is the easiest way to go, you need to get a rusted iron key from her, once you have this, just recall out of the room.

Now that you have the first key, only 1 left to go and it's right near the Hydra's entrance. Head east, north, all east, west(if you go into the shop), all north, 2south(if you go into the shaman's area) and then east and northeast. You should be with a gateguard now, kill him and get the key from him to the temple. Unlock the door and go in, head south and just follow the path around until you're on the far east side. Search in the center and you'll find a hidden door. Go into the door and follow the path east, down, 2 west. This room will teleport you after a couple of seconds and send you into a maze filled with fire elementals. The easiest way out of here is just to spam east and reach the southeast corner. From this corner, spam down and it will take you up to an abyss. Go to the northeast corner and wait to be teleported. Now you'll be up near the priestess, this whole area is no magic but the priestess' area. South is a safe room and the priestess is in a private/CPK room so only 1 person can fight it at a time. She's pretty easy, you can't dispel her anymore but poison/plague/weaken her and she'll go down moderately quickly. A soldier always helps here.

You need to get a brass key from her, then go east search and unlock the down. I recommend locking it behind you. Have your party prepare for the upcoming fight and make sure they all have levitation on them. If you have a psionic tanking, have them cast telekinetic shield to block the breathes. Three mutani herbs would help here, but aren't required since forms follow you through dizzy rooms now. Once you're all ready go east and keep spamming it in lots slowly until you're all east, unlock and open the east door and spam east until you finally get in the room.
(Make sure you do this quick as repop time is 15mins and it can lock on you.)

Once you're in, have the bard slow the hydra and a psi plague it. It has little HP so it will die fast, and as long as everyone heals you, you'll have no problem. Elemental bracelets repop around 20% of the time. The portal in here will take you to the maradas temple when you want to leave and the room is no-quit so if you void out, you'll go back to recall.

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